See what’s going on with energy and mining in Poland


From June 13, the “live” charts based on data sourced by PSE (generation and load) are partially inactive or contain questionable data. More information on our blog.

Where does our electricity come from?

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Emissive vs non-emissive - last 7 days ↑

Prices of electricity, gas and emission allowances

Electricity (TGeBase)

Gas (TGEgasDA)

CO2 emission allowances

Recent + dynamic of 3 previous

Electricity demand in the national grid

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Chart of the month​


To achieve the goals of energy policy for 2030 proposed by Instrat, on average around 130 megawatts (MW) of onshore wind capacity should be built, beginning from 2024.

Chart in high resolution.

Tweet from 10th June.

Monthly change in installed capacity can be followed in a chart Electricity generation capacity, source: ARE.

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