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March update of the website

The team carried out a significant update of the platform on 12th of March 2024. This included the introduction of new functionalities, a number of display and data formatting improvements and numerous optimisations. Two days later, the 2022 edition of mining database was also released.

The full list of recent changes can be found below.


  • Mobile version: user can now read the value of the selected point in a table below the charts (the “live” ones, such as electricity production or market prices). Browsing electricity data on the move is unlocked!
  • PC version: tooltip with data preview always fits within the chart boundary – no more problems taking screenshots!


New data:


  • Improved cursor display on the charts
  • Minor improvements in the display of some elements (links, fonts, thumbnails, etc.)
  • Correction of date formatting in downloaded files
  • Better display of search engine and language change panel


  • Numerous optimisations aimed at faster display of the website – also on mobile browsers!
  • Optimisation of charts display, reduction of the number of scripts

We invite you to continue to follow the development of our platform, as well as the latest updates published on X (Twitter), where the number of followers of our profile has recently exceeded 3 000!

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