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Autumn update of the website

On December 5th, 2023, we uploaded a major update of the platform, the work on which took place in October and November. The focus was on page’s speed, interface enhancement and accessibility. A new database was also uploaded.

List of the most important features:

  1. New page hierarchy – homepage is now level 0, categories level 1 (below homepage), pages with charts are level 2
    • URLs underwent change, example: changed changed to
    • added redirects to the previous URLs
  2. Navigation path (so-called “breadcrumbs”) added below header; it utilises the new page hierarchy
  3. New subpage in the category Emissions (link) – first since the new platform was published! – with interactive charts and a link to the latest database on water management
  4. Performance metering, optimisation, speeding up page loading times
  5. New search box – dynamic preview of the results and complete set of information in the search results page – descriptions of pages and publication dates
  6. Accessibility tools – widget with settings allowing to view the page in an easier-to-read mode for users with vision impairmets
  7. Altered the language switch button in order to show clearly which language is currently set and which other is available
  8. Added download button animation while a file is being prepared
  9. Reorganised column ordering in downloaded files
  10. Reorganised header in mobile version
  11. Added partners in the footer
  12. Added the “About us” page in a basic version – to be updated
  13. Fixing various minor bugs and implementing enhancements of, for example, compliance with various browsers, responsiveness


We believe that the implemented changes will increase the platform’s usefulness and improve the comfort of browsing.

In case an error is spotted, please submit a comment through the form available on the “Contact” page – see the link in the footer.

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