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January update of the website

The energy.instrat team carried out two updates to the platform in January, on 12 and 24 January 2024. The changes include important improvements to the handling and comprehensibility of charts, as well as faster data sharing. In addition, there are new datasets and improvements to the website and user information.

Full list of changes:

Hourly energy production graph

  • grouping of sources on the graph, in the data preview pane and in the legend according to the pre-existing description – the two types of hydropower plants are shown as one source ‘water’ and the pumped-hydro plants have gone to the group ‘energy storage’. The colours of the above have also been changed slightly
  • changing the order of the sources on the chart to a more readable order – going from the bottom, above the emissions are now: wind, solar, water, energy storage (previously: solar, pumped storage, 2 types of hydro and wind on top)
  • showing a legend below the chart (previously only available in the data preview window)


Energy and gas price charts on the Day-Ahead Market

  • data is downloaded in a shorter time after publication by TGE (market operator)
  • amendment enabling the selection of dates from the future for selected charts, thanks to which it is possible, for example, to display energy price quotations on the exchange for the next day (they are known in the afternoon) – this amendment, together with the above amendment, makes it possible to follow the quotations for the next day just after they are published
  • below the hourly energy price graph on the DAM a legend has appeared for the visible 2 series of data


New data

  • quotations of CO2 emission allowance auctions, which started after the New Year break on 15.01 have been made available (see the blog entry)
  • production data of individual power plant units in 2024 available for download (see section “More data“) – the spreadsheet is updated daily
  • English-language version of the water management of power plants and mines in Poland database was released,a long with useful visualisations


Interface, optimisation

  • lifting the limit of 1000 records when downloading “selected” data, which removed problems with downloading e.g. energy production data for a period of more than 1.5 months
  • optimisation of the visualisation of data from the database of mines in Poland, making them load several times faster
  • updated privacy policy and information on cookies when accessing the site
  • addition of Captcha protection to the contact form
  • more convenient use of the language change button


A 90 minute-long webinar for the Polish users of the platform, led by the platform’s team, also took place on 31.01.2024. The event was recorded and the recording is available on our blog. A similar event for English-speaking users is planned for this year.

We invite you to follow the dynamic development of the platform – further updates soon!

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