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Database of power plants updated

Have you ever wondered exactly how many power plants there are in Poland? Or which one is the largest or the most emission-intensive? There’s a reliable source where you can find all of that information and more. The team running the platform has just updated the database, which we are pleased to share with you.

Power plants database

The database of thermal power plants and combined heat-and-power plants in Poland was created to feed the modeling of the Polish power system for the Instrat’s trilogy of reports on coal phase-out published in 2021. Now updated with the latest data and rebuilt for easier use and a clearly described methodology. It includes data broken down by individual units in power plants.


  • Basic: owner, fuel, power, type, condition, location
  • Dates: commissioning, closure, Capacity Market
  • Technical: fuel, efficiency, annual production, capacity factor, emissions
  • Costs: fuel, transportation, ETS, SRMC

Basic numbers and facts

  • 193 active generation units 
  • 13 planned units
  • 36 years – average age
  • 738 kgCO2/MWh – average emissivity

Go to the database page, where you may find infographics prepared by the team based on its contents as well as the link to the full database…

…or go directly to the full database.

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