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Coal import to Poland – volume, origin, prices. Data analysis

We have analysed data on hard coal imports to Poland in 2021-2023 and have compiled the most important information, explanations and conclusions in the visualisations below. The main source of data is the quarterly magazines published by the Industrial Development Agency.

Issues covered:

  • ratio of imports to domestic production and the change in this ratio during the energy crisis in 2022
  • split between steam and coking coal and import destinations
  • discontinuation of imports from Russia, replacing them in abundance
  • rising coal reserves from 2022
  • comparison of domestic and imported coal prices (PSCMI vs ARA)

We invite you to browse through our visualisations!


The arrows are used to scroll through the presentation. Hovering with the cursor allows previewing data; filtering the legend entries by clicking on them is also possible.
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Wojciech Przedlacki, Project Leader,

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