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Changes in datetime format in downloaded files

We want to inform you that we have recently been improving how we process hours and time zones for data downloaded ‘live’, such as energy production, power demand or energy prices. The action aims to reduce the risk of errors when changing times, merging formats from different institutions or finally adding data from other countries and will make our internal data handling much more effortless. Due to the work, there is a risk of temporary changes in the format of dates and times in the datasets, especially downloaded ones, during the next two weeks. Please report any inaccuracies or concerns you notice using the contact form.

We have noted one occurrence of such a format change in the downloaded data in the chart electricity production, source: ENTSO-e. From 10 May onward, the files were brought down to UTC time (shifted from Polish time by -2h), but this was not visible in the name of the “date” column. For example, the values for 00:00 meant 02:00 Polish time. We hope this was not the source of severe errors in the use of the data – we apologise for any inconvenience.

The screenshots below visualise the problem in question and the current fix. The files now contain a “date” column with UTC time and a “date_en” column with Polish time UTC+02:00, which should clear the doubt. What remains to be corrected is for Polish time to be the leading time, i.e. for the day to start at midnight Polish time rather than universal time, which we are working on. Once the corrections are complete, we will post the information in this post.

Datetime format in data downloaded between 10 May and 11 June

table showing how electricity generation data looked pre-correction

Datetime format in data downloaded from 11 June - temporary

table showing how electricity generation data looks post-correction, temporarily

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